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Our Services

Introductory Meeting (Free)

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After filling out our pre-meeting form, we will sit down with you and your family and discuss the following topics:​

  • Who we are (our background and experience)

  • What university sports in America is about

  • How university sports can benefit student-athletes after school

  • Description of our services

  • Learn about you and your family

    • Your athletic and academic ambitions

  • Discuss about future steps to take toward your goals

Assessment Package

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Having been through the recruitment process in high school and being coached by the recruiters you want to impress, we know what university coaches look for in a player’s abilities on the pitch and in the classroom. We will approach our assessment package through a university recruiter’s lens. The package includes:

  • Attending live matches to assess our student-athletes (Full match video footage can also be assessed if attending live games is not possible)

  • In-depth football evaluation report

  • Academic transcript and test score evaluation

  • Follow up meeting with the student-athlete and family to discuss future steps based on evaluations and ambitions

Sports Consultancy Package

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Our consulting is delivered through a set of in-person/online meetings. The package is tailored around the player’s recruitment timeline. We use a mentorship role to guide our players through the different stages of the recruitment process. Outside meetings, we are also be available through unlimited phone calls or emails.

This package includes:

  • University list development based on academic and athletic needs and ability

  • Developing a personalized recruitment plan

  • Navigating through NCAA eligibility requirements

  • How to establish contacts with university coaches (e-mail, phone, in-person)

  • How to make a highlight video and a football CV to reach out to coaches

  • Helping student-athletes identify scholarships they may be eligible for

  • How to plan for and handle university visits

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